Elixir as backend for electron app?

I developed fairly complicated elixir/phoenix umbrella SAAS app, only to realize I choose wrong niche…

Now I can either abandon the whole thing or release it for free as windows/mac software that users can run on their own computers.

Porting my JS frontend to electron is easy, how about packaging erlang/elixir/phoenix w postgres… Is it even possible?


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You could probably package the Erlang/Elixir/Phoenix parts as a release… maybe wrap it in an OS package (Chocolatey / Homebrew / DEB / RPM / whatnot) with proper startup scripts etc, and have a dependency on an official PostgreSQL package.

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This sounds interesting — I’m still new to elixir, but at least in theory it seems like you could package it up with the erlang runtime system (erts) and then boot it up from electron. If you get this working, send me a link :slight_smile:

I was in the same position with my logistics application. I was going to deploy elixir as a api backend as normal then write a script in the node js that handled rest calls to the elixir backend., this was probably the fastest way of getting where i wanted. that said they ended up using the browser instead as they perceived it as more flexible in the end