Elixir Backend Developer (Junior/Senior) - Europe

Introductory paragraph

Hero Labs mission is to solve real-life problems with truly smart technology.

We combine world-class academic research, award-winning IoT/smart home expertise and elegant design into smart, helpful products that enhance people’s lives.

After a couple of years of research and development, Hero Labs is preparing to launch our first commercial product - Sonic, the smartest leak protection system ever created.

Sonic monitors the flow of water through a whole home or office and checks it up to half a million times a day to detect problems like burst pipes, slow leaks or dripping taps. It’s even smart enough to recognise individual appliances and provide a breakdown of how you use water at home, so you can save water, save money and save the planet, too.

About us

My name: Tomas Dosoudil
My position: Lead
Company name: Hero Labs
Website: https://www.hero-labs.com/
Country: UK / Poland

About the job

Job title: Backend developer
Job description: Handling everything in backend, infrastructure and monitoring.
Salary range: 2,500EUR - 4,500EUR
Position on remote work: Totally remote but must be in Europe
Qualifications or experience required: ideally Elixir experience and AWS
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Designing, redesigning, API, scaling from hundreds to thousands, monitoring etc

About you
This is a backend role in a startup at busy times. You must be comfortable working with various programming languages and infrastructure. Our backend is written mainly in Elixir and Ruby, with plans to migrate everything to Elixir. Our data science team uses Python, and we have some Node.js lambdas as well. You need to be comfortable working with any technology. One week you might guide our data scientists team to communicate with an SQL DB or DynamoDB, and another week you will work with Elixir or infrastructure.

Our infrastructure runs on both AWS and Heroku, but we will be migrating everything to AWS soon. This will be both exciting and challenging as we are working with a live system with real users. We need to design and implement better CI/CD, improve our security, build APIs for our partners, or use better monitoring and logging tools.

We need someone who takes ownership and lead. Someone who is capable of working without supervision and is very proactive in communication.

About the interview process

  • Intro (with me + n)
  • Technical assignment (without me :wink: )
  • Technical interview and discussion about the assignment (with me + n)
  • Call with CEO

Further info


You may want to say it’s the monthly salary, because usually developers negotiate annual salaries.

Respect for posting salary range. :heart: Most companies don’t.


Thanks, you are right, it is the monthly salary ;-).