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Introductory paragraph

Uniris and its blockchain is seeking developers to join the adventure.

Uniris offers the first integrated services platform capable of meeting a fundamental need:
giving everyone back the control over technology.

What if technology could finally simplify your daily life without jeopardizing your security?
What if you were told that you already have this technology?

4 years of research and 12 strong international patents endow Uniris
with the technological attributes that the predecessors have lacked -
scalability, speed, reliability and simplicity of native biometric recognition

To operate on a global human scale without control or intervention of any person, company or organization, this “open source” technology is based on a new generation of Blockchain. (TransactionChain)

To achieve the scale and adoption we improved the Blockchain technology so that it can replace any application or service. It relies on a new form of unbreakable validation consensus (ARCH), which is ultra-secure and allows an unlimited number of transactions.

About us

My name: Samuel Manzanera
My position: Architect
Company name: Uniris
Website: uniris.io
Country: France (Full Remote)
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

Originally the blockchain should have been developed on C++ but we moved to Golang for the sake code ownership and security. Performance were great, but as the wish to build a global scale, completely decentralized system with an on-chain governance (even the code itself), our needs evolve to achieve a hot swappable and highly fault tolerant system.

As Golang with Plugin (like dynamic library) create a bottleneck in term of complexity and code smells, we investigate other technology and we reached the BEAM. And Elixir/Erlang matched our requirements

So, we rebuilt the system with Elixir to achieve those goals

About the job

Job title: Blockchain / Elixir Developer
Job description: As Elixir developers, the areas of coding may involve:

  • P2P network implementations
  • Distributed algorithms
  • Cryptographic algorithms
  • Hot reload/swap capability
  • Smart contract language development (DSL)
  • Memory efficiency (ETS, Persistent Term, GenServer)
  • Network request efficiency (Binary Protocol, Data streaming)
  • Phoenix API (REST + GraphQL), LiveView
  • Unit testing / Property testing
  • CI: As to build a decentralized system, we are using a local CI (git hooks, credo, etc.)
  • Database: Using NoSQL (Cassandra/ScyllaDB)

We may also leverages some low levels coding as C/C++ or other for intensive work (specific algorithms) or working with low-level primitives such as hardware (Secure elements: TPM, HSM)

Salary range: Depending of the profile
Position on remote work: Wherever
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Blockchain enthousiast: Interest in Blockchain technology, reading through crypto-projects’ Github or even contributed to a Blockchain development.
  • Solid Cryptographic knowledge: comfortable using cryptographic algorithms: hash, digital signature, asymmetric/symmetric encryption
  • Solid P2P knowledge: able to optimize decentralized peer to peer implementations.
  • Coding capabilities: usage of software best practices (unit test, modern software architecture, etc)
  • Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
  • Quick learner: we are looking for developer who thrives on learning new technology
  • Agile knowledge and mindset

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

About the interview process

  1. Interview with myself to ensure the technical background and knowledges
  2. Interview with CEO/COO/CSO to match personal/human behavior and mindset

Further info

By joining Uniris at this very early stage, you get an opportunity to contribute to the success and growth of an ambitious project, with a team of highly-skilled and passionate people.

Join our multi-national team working on patented path breaking technology !

White Paper : https://uniris.io/UNIRIS-White-Paper.pdf

Yellow Paper : https://uniris.io/assets/yellowpapers/UNIRIS-YellowPaper-Season1-Network.pdf

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