Elixir Blog Post: Architecturing Plugins in Elixir Applications

Just blogged on the general approach to creating easily extendable applications with plugin support.


An interesting article, thanks. I come from the Ecommerce area (Shopware) and am very interested in a plugin architecture for phoenix. Shopware is a very customizable system, where you can customize a lot, at controller level via events, decoration of services etc. Also the templates are quite easy to customize and that very fine granular, meaning there are 100s of blocks that you can extend (Twig templates, similar to erlydtl in erlang).

However, I (unfortunately) always need an example project,
to understand the concepts. Is that planned in the near future?

Yes, the example project is planned, but it’d be more likely a generic Plug rather than Phoenix.

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Enjoyed the blog post.

I have a plug for determining whether the user has paid for the service or not. (Whether or not is he on free tier)

Waiting for more advanced examples with Plug!!