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Just bookmarked this whole thread. Hope I have time to get back to it :slight_smile:


yea I was thinking something in the likes of https://github.com/zipmark/rspec_api_documentation for rails but for phoenix :slight_smile:


Introduction to Elixir Processes - blog.songsaboutsnow.com


Elixir debugging techniques - Plataformatec


Combining an Ecto Model with an Arc Uploader in Elixir by @Joseph_Kain


I published the following blog post on some pattern matching basics and a generalized use case. Would love to hear comments!:

Bringing Sanity to your Data Structures With Elixir Pattern Matching by @vikram7






Part 4 published. Next time 'round we’ll dig into more interesting work that’s actually pertinent to the project at hand. :slight_smile:

Let’s Build Something: Elixir, Part 4 - Better Tests, TypeSpecs, and Docs


@vikram, I like your post! It was more interesting than the standard examples from the Getting Started pages, but not so obscure as to be difficult. Plus it’s always nice when people show the, “without this awesome thing, here’s the pain you’d be put through” side of it. :slight_smile:


CQRS with Elixir and Phoenix


Elixir 1.1 “mix profile.fprof” command by @Joseph_Kain


I have tried Introduction to Elixir Processes and near the end my output seems different from the post. Anybody tried it?


Erlang 19.0 Garbage Collector


Elixir the Most Object-Oriented Language - Noredink by @JEG2


I wrote another article for NoRedInk a while back: Pub/Sub in 30 Lines of Elixir


Great articles :slight_smile:
Is NoRedInk using Elixir for some commercial products? I know that Richard Feldman is Elm big fan.


Thank you.

We don’t have it in production yet, but we hope to have it behind some of our Elm soon now.


@JEG2: A blog about Elm & Elixir would be interesting :smiley:


We just released a package we have been experimenting with and we do plan to blog about it soon.