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When simple bash scripts start to become unwieldy, you may consider reaching out for something “higher” level, like Perl, Ruby or Python. I’m reaching out for Elixir.


Published an article about Composite – a small utility for writing dynamic queries.

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How integrating Alpine.js with LiveView can significantly enhance the user experience in your applications.

:arrow_right: Enhancing user experience in LiveView applications with Alpine.js | Curiosum

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I’ve been working a lot with WebAssembly/Rust and Typescript and I realized, setting up both is a bit confusing at times. I wrote a couple of blog posts on both topics:

Setting up TypeScript: WF

Setting up Rust/WASM in Liveview: WF (Just finished Chapter 2!)

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The Elixir ecosystem has very strong abstractions. One of these is Telemetry, which decouples instrumentation from an app’s main code.

Telemetry is synchronous by default, but with a little GenServer magic it’s possible to collect analytics without a major performance hit.

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Tips and techniques to make Oban job errors easier to identify, differentiate, and diagnose in monitoring tools like Sentry.


After some recent experimental work with LiveView (related to what I discussed with you, @bcardarella), I was inspired to write an article about distributed systems design. In doing so, I found a critical flaw in modern browser architecture that, when fixed, is sufficient to serve as a universal interface for self-executing code for AGI.


If you enjoy this article, I’ve written a follow-up article. That article summarizes the findings of a thought experiment in which I asked this AGI to “maximize people’s enjoyment of apples, while minimizing wasted apples” as its kernel code, and then thought of which questions it would ask itself in response.

As I built out its physics engine using the distributed systems architecture, I found the AGI would likely wonder what this “second” thing is because time is very much important to apple production.


If you can find a flaw in either of these, please let me know. I am not a physicist, and I am very startled by the conclusions my thought experiment has reached. I would appreciate someone, anyone being able to give me a sanity check.

(edit: If you can’t find an obvious flaw, please share. I don’t mind being roasted if it’s hot garbage, but the more eyes on it will lead me to knowing sooner rather than later.)

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I recently gave a talk in school, introducing the fundamentals of functional programming and an introduction to Elixir with applications with Phoenix.

Wrote up a comprehensive guide for it that I would love to share as a learning resource for those interested in learning more about Elixir and Phoenix: https://practical-elixir.woojiahao.com/

I also have the accompanying talk on YouTube: https://youtu.be/-VHBMXxCee0?si=us88VL8HFl75fokp

Do let me know your thoughts on these as I would love to continue expanding on these resources for future uses :smiley: I would greatly appreciate any feedback!