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Wrote a blog on simple umbrella project deployed in VPS, where:

  • can be deployed in a single VM
  • host a number of separate web apps
  • apps with different subdomains, and
  • not using external web server (e.g. nginx)
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More of the Unpacking Elixir series. This time Embedded & IoT. Nerves!

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I’m new to the forum, but decided to share a blog post I wrote recently on writing beautiful Elixir code. Enjoy!


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Implementation of simple cost- and dependency-free Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD) flow to auto-deploy Phoenix app without downtime

I don’t know if this is something of interest to others but I wrote up some research I’ve done on how to use a least privileged user with Ecto:

Comments/thoughts very welcome

I’ve been messing around with OpenGL in Elixir via wxErlang. I wrote a basic blog post about it, and wrote a bit more about the details.


How to fine-tune DistilBERT models for more accurate question answering in your Elixir applications! Check our blog post with the process step-by-step.

Check our blog post: Authorize access to your Phoenix app with Permit | Curiosum

I went to Chattanooga, met my community, made three public presentations and these were my take-aways: