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I encourage a bit of clarification to #9. You said

Always avoid using atoms as keys

Atom keys are great! If you have a fixed number of them defined statically in your code, you are in no danger. What you should not do is convert user supplied input into atoms without sanitizing them first because it can lead to out of memory. You should also be cautious if you create dynamic atoms in your code. If you have a fixed upper limit to how many you will create, you are fine, but if they can grow without bound, then you risk out of memory.


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Thanks for more clarification on the atoms as keys in map. I agree with the statement

"Atom keys are great! If you have a fixed number of them defined statically in your code, "

I just added more clarification as you suggested and I added above statement in article.

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This article explains about Elixir Module Deployment across multiple nodes from the scratch. Here we go with deep understanding of things like Node Creation, Establishing Node Connection and Deploying Modules across multiple Nodes.

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As a general rule, don’t do ANYTHING with user supplied input without sanitizing it first. :wink:


Some interesting things that saves time while coding in elixir…

This list grows in number…


  1. Clear Explanation with two ways of doing things
  2. 7 Interesting things to be cared

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Here is another 10 Killer Elixir Tips #2
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This article comprises three major topics.

  • How to run the specific test cases?
  • How to use tags in test cases? and
  • How to configure the tests?

Level: Intermediate


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Part 4 of Killer Elixir Tips

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Here is the another set of Elixir Tips…


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Highlights of Article

  • In-depth Explanation
  • Live Demos


10 Killer Elixir Tips #3



  1. Explained with Examples

Publication blackode
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A blog post on Common Elixir coding pitfalls.
I just want to share and save newbies falling into these pits.



  1. Explained with live code snippets.
  2. Covered all Topics
  3. 10 in count

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Article on how to create mix tasks in elixir projects.


  1. Live demo
  2. Explanation with screenshots

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Create Magics with Sigils…

Sigils looks simple but they are powerful when you used them perfectly. Lets create our own Sigils…


#Write Your First Macro
Inspiration from the book written by Creator of Phoenix. on MetaProgramming
Click on Image to see article

Write your powerful libraries in meta programming.

More the power, more the responsibilities.


10 Killer Elixir Tips

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Here is the complete article with a clean explanation which removes your confusion on when & where to use the server callbacks explaining with live examples.

medium article

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Medium Article

Here I wrote an article over medium.com
Here is Video You can find about explaining the article and executing the code lines with brief Explanation

Click on YouTube
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I just wrote an article specially for beginners explaining each and every part in clear about GenServer & GenServer Testing. I just wrote while I am learning in parallel. If I missed anything or anything is wrong means just review it. It is very long which I haven’t expected that it could lead me to write such big one.

Your Time is so precious. Read only when you are free.

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Building Elixir Packages and Publishing.

Just now Published an article in the medium on the this topic hope this helps the beginners to enhance their ability.

Highlights of the article

  1. Complete guide
  2. Deep explanation of elixir project
  3. Publishing Process
  4. Each and Every file Explanation
  5. Neat sketching
  6. Explained from very basic
  7. Screenshots.

To whom it is for?

Every one .
specially for beginners as Explanation is concentrated in deep

Build and Publish Your first Elixir Package

This is the complete guide. Click on the Image it will take you to the article.

Hope this helps the beginners to write their own packages.
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