Elixir Brasil 2019

Hey guys,

I discovered Elixir recently and it’s being a really fun journey. The learning resources and the community are great. This forum is just :open_mouth:

On the 25-26th of this month there’s gonna be an Elixir conference at São Paulo, Brasil. Pretty excited to meet some people and get talking :relieved:

Anyone else here is going? Any tips for the first conference?

Event link: https://www.sympla.com.br/elixir-brasil__487120


@adolfont wrote an article about the Elixir Brazil recently.


I’ve read that article! That talk on Property Testing is already on my list. Adolfo seems like a cool guy, I’ve also seen him post in a small FB group we have for Brazilian Alchemists :slight_smile:

And yeah, cutting the “lindo” from the videos makes us Brazilians kinda edgy


The event was amazing! It was the second programming conference I’ve attended, and the first one talking about Elixir. The talks were incredible and the people were very friendly and talkative. The event was also very inclusive, which is a big deal for me.

Many thanks to @nirev, @adolfont, @bamorim and others I couldn’t find by tagging.

Ravan Scafi wrote a blog post in portuguese about the event, compiling the most important parts from the talks he managed to watch.


I’m glad you enjoyed the conference! There was a lot of work put into it, specially by Codamos club.

Keep an eye out for news regarding Elixir Brasil 2020 :wink:


Thank you @eaverdeja. I really enjoyed the conference as well.
I want the 2020 edition so hard already hahahaha


Which place I can see the videos of this Conference?

Unfortunately, the videos weren’t recorded :pensive:

thank’s for reply!