Elixir command does not work on the terminal

Hello! I am starting to learn Elixir, but I am having a problem when I try to run any Elixir commands on my Windows Terminal. I am using the last Elixir/Erlang version, and I get this problem: https://imgur.com/a/KqYNKYb

Nothing happens. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!

How have you installed elixir, and does iex --werl open at least some other windows for you?

Hey NobbZ, thanks for replying!

I installed through the Elixir Web Setup, which I downloaded in the Elixir Official Website, when I tried that command and I get the same “error”: nothing happens. It does not open any windows.

I’m sure I’ve read about this same issue already… Though I can’t find it right now.

What version of elixir did you install from the web installer? Which version of erlang did you/it install? Does erl or werl make anything happen on your system?

What is the output of where elixir (and also mix, erl and iex)?

Hey guys
I got the same problem,my commands aren’t working on the terminal <>Anyone got a solution???

Can you please answer the questions I asked the previous poster already?

Nobbz thank u for answering (
I have erlang 23.1(11.1) and Elixir (1.11.2)

And does running erl or werl make any difference?

What is the output of where for each of the programs?

Which exact installer did you use?

I tried it doesn’t work at all

I installed all from official sites ( setups

Did you check if Elixir’s bin path was added to PATH environment variable after you install through elixir-websetup.exe?

Thats basically the reason why I’ve asked for wheres output…

Yeah I added the path but it’s not working

Try entering


in your Windows terminal, and not just


here the same problem, does anyone know any solution?

I know you’re probably tired of getting on this question but you’ve helped me before and I promise to actually respond and do what you ask NobbZ so pleeeeaaaase help me. I have installed using both the official site and chocolatey neither works. It stopped working right after I installed postresql, node, and phoenix.

iex --werl and erl didn’t do anything

Using the elixir windows installer
Elixir v. 1.13.4
Erlang v. 24.1.4
ERTS v. 12.1.4
All three bins are in my path enviornment variable

when I type where elixir (or erl, iex, or mix) it says 'where' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Please help me elixir gods

That where command should be available since windows XP.

If that doesn’t even work there are probably deeper problems with your windows’ PATH configuration.

is there a specific syntax for where? or is it just where elixir?

If there isn’t any extra syntax then how would I go about figuring whats wrong with my PATH?

I figured it out, I was missing the C:\Windows\System32 path from the user variables and it is working now. Thank you Nobbz I’m sorry people on this chain didn’t respond to you but you saved my butt. I appreciate you!