Elixir Contest from Plataformatec

Hey everybody!

Designed for you who have adopted Elixir, tell us in 280 characters: What was the biggest challenge you had when adopting Elixir.

We see a lot of threads and comments and conversations about Elixir challenges you face on a daily basis so we would like to know what is the biggest one in your opinion.

If you write the best phrase, chosen by our team, you will be featured on our Twitter and, of course, you’ll win prizes to help you on your knowledge about Elixir.

Here are the prizes we’re offering:

1st place: Developing with Elixir/OTP Online Course from PragStudio

2nd to 4th place: One book from your choice between:

Adopting Elixir, or Learn Functional Programming with Elixir
or Phoenix for Rails developers

All participation between April 19, 2018 and May 06, 2018 (GMT -3) will be accepted.

Now let’s put the creativity out on the form here and good luck!