Elixir data visualisation library?

Hello everybody :slight_smile: I have a strange question but few days ago I found a very good data visualisation library for Phoenix, but the bad part is that i did not safe its name :frowning: And currently reached 3-4th page of google search which means i do not have any chance. Could anyone suggest some good library for phoenix for data visualisation maybe you already are using it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Is it D3.js?

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Do you mean a graphing library or other data visualizations?

For plotting there are two pure elixir ones I know of, Contex and Plotex (my own time series plotter).

There are some other bindings for various JS libraries, one for GNU plot, etc. By using Phoenix LiveView hooks you can bind to HTML elements to produce D3 or other graphics. It’d be interesting to see if someone could use A Frame with LiveView.

Hope that might help! If it’s something else it’d be great if you post it here so it shows up in search.


Thank you all for the suggestions, but finaly I found the library i was looking for https://github.com/buren/chartkick-ex . But I will check in detail also the ones mentioned in this thread :slight_smile: