Elixir desktop application does open in Edge


I am trying to run this TODO app by @dominicletz :

I have installed Erlang OTP 24.X, with wxWidgets and Elixir’s latest version.
I have also compiled sqlite for windows and everything is working… except for one thing:

When I run the app, I get an error:

As you can see here, Microsfot Edge cannot open a specific folder.

What I tried

I have created the folder manually, but nothing changed.
I also tried running the terminal (I am using cmder) with Admin permissions, but still, no luck.


What am I missing here?
How can I fix this?

After checking the run.bat file I found the issue. The script was trying to create a folder called "Todo" instead of Todo.

The following change fixes this script:

@echo off
set WX_APP_ICON="priv/icon.png"
iex -S mix

Hope it helps someone in the future.