Elixir developer advocate at Fly.io – Remote

Fly.io is a platform-as-a-service for running apps close to end users. Elixir is a great way to build distributed apps. We think it’s a match made in heaven because:

We’re hiring an Elixir developer advocate to help us make Fly.io great for Elixir apps, and show our work to the Elixir community. Do you enjoy experimenting with infrastructure so you can show devs how to get more from Elixir? We could be a fit for each other.

About us

My name: Kurt
My position: Cofounder
Company name: Fly.io
Country: US
Company info and history: we’re a seed funded startup with real paying customers. Fly.io is built for individual developers, so we’re focused entirely on getting small dev teams using the product.

About the job

Job title: Elixir developer advocate
Salary range: varies based on experience
Position on remote work: we’re all remote!
What the successful job applicant will be working on: examples, content, community engagement, and some tooling.

About the interview process

We use a work-simulation based process, starting with a tiny sample project, and progressing to a larger, paid project.

If you’re interested, email jobs+elixir@fly.io, tell us in a few sentences what you like to build with Elixir.


I would love to see more companies taking this approach to hire new developers, because I think it will give a better idea, to both parts, about what to expect from each other when they need to decide if they will work together full-time :slight_smile:


It is a lot of work to hire this way, but I think it’s more correct than typical interviews.

It also turns up people who are incredibly good at the work we need but wouldn’t get past a normal resume screen. So it’s not entirely selfless. :smiley:


I bet it is, but you will get a better return of the time invested on the process.

It happened to me in the past for a lot of applications I was confident that I was suitable for.

Continue doing it and maybe do a conference talk on the process so that you can inspire others to follow the same steps :slight_smile:



I can’t sign up fly.io with github account, got 422.

Maybe @mrkurt can help you with this issue.