Elixir developer available for remote contract


My name is Johan Mattisson. I am a freelance contractor based in Sweden. I offer consulting services through my company, 111 Solutions AB.

I just finished a two-year assignment at Team Engine, a London-based startup working with Elixir. I am now available for a new remote contract opportunity.

I have been in the software industry for over fifteen years. I have experience with many programming languages, tools and products in various industries and sectors. For more information on my professional journey, check my LinkedIn page and company website (see links below).

In the last few years, my main focus has been Elixir and its ecosystem.

Contact me, and let’s have a chat about your Elixir project and how I can help you with it.


Linkedin: Johan Mattisson - CTO Co-Owner Co-Founder - QSimbo | LinkedIn
111 Solutions LinkedIn page: 111 Solutions | LinkedIn
Website: https://www.111solutions.se/


I’m giving this a bump. The assignment with Team Engine was extended a few months but has now come to a close. This means I am available for a new remote contract opportunity.