Elixir Developer, BoardClic, Stockholm, Sweden

About us

My name: Johan Tell
My position: Tech Lead
Company name: BoardClic
Website: https://boardclic.com/
Country: Sweden

BoardClic started its journey in 2018 when our two female founders Monica and
Malin decided to take the knowledge they both had built up over decades of work
in the boardroom space, to help transform the long and expensive process of
self-evaluations into a more lean and digitalized experience.

The company released its first MVP of the product in 2019 and has since grown
into an SaaS analytics platform used by many of the largest companies in Sweden
and the UK. We’ve already hit some of the most important milestones for smaller
SaaS companies and has gotten an impressive NPS score of 76 from our customers.

We’re almost half way through the process of transforming our legacy platform
(RoR + angular) into a more modern and productive environment with the help of
Phoenix, Phoenix LiveView and the power of elixir.

About the job

Job title: Developer/Senior Developer
Salary range: 35.000-55.000 SEK/mo depending on experience
Position on remote work:
No restrictions against remote work but would prefer to meet you in person and
make use of our new offices once or twice a week.

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Production experience with Elixir/Phoenix
  • Experience with Postges/MySQL or other relational database
  • Experience with TDD/BDD
  • Fluent in english (written and spoken)
  • Self-driven and pragmatic

Other things that would make you stand out:

  • Experience of working in a smaller team/company
  • Knowledge in front-end technologies (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Experience with other app-frameworks such as RoR/Django/Flask/express
  • Knowledge in mathematical calculations
  • Experience with Machine learning

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

Your day to day life will be a mixture of creating new/improving existing features,
conducting code reviews and discussing solutions. Bugs/problems always happen
and you’ll be expected to help out to the extent of your knowledge together with
your colleagues.

About the interview process

We’re fully aware that interview process can be long and dull sometimes and would
like to try to make is as enjoyable as possible. This is the steps we
currently have:

  1. 30-60 min social introduction interview
  2. Technical interview where candidate picks one of:
  • A pair programming session (90-120min)
  • An shorter assignment similar to a code review (applicant be sent code to
    review before the interview and the applicant will lead the discussion around
    problems/possible improvements and other things)
  1. Social call with a few of your future colleagues

Why consider a job at BoardClic?

BoardClic is still a fairly young company which means you’ll get to play a big
role in the technical decisions being made instead of having to live in world
made by others.

We’re heavy believers in personal growth and will continue to nurture a feedback
culture where we help eachother to grow, both as professionals and as individuals.
If you’re a person that always try to find ways to improve you will feel right
at home with us.

As a team of individuals that always try to improve we’re also applying the same
mindset to code as well. We’re passionate about crafting highly maintainable
solutions and often discuss best practices, quality and how we can make our own
experience better. This often leads to neat solutions to automate certain
cumbersome tasks or solutions that helps us in our daily work.

Further info

If you’re interested in applying or some more information on the role,
feel free to reach out to me at johan@boardclic.com

…or apply through
teamtailor: Software Developer - BoardClic

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