Elixir Developer, Remote, Europe - Flexibility AS (Norway)

  • Passionate about good software design?
  • Comfortable pretty much anywhere in the stack?
  • Interested in EVs and clean energy?
  • Wouldn’t say no to a little AI and/or Data Science?

About us
We’re a young startup solving remote EV charge management. We have some big-name investors and need another engineer with an attention to detail and getting the job done right :slight_smile:

My name: Paul Dann
My position: CTO
Company name: Flexibility AS
Website: New positions! – Flexibility
Country: Europe (Remote, registered in Norway)
Company info and history:

Elixir is the glue that holds our stack together. Our project was written with a prototype mindset, and now I’ve inherited it I’m looking for people to help me stabilise, clean up, and mature the code as well as building out our domain model and implementing a load of new features.

About the job

Job title: Experienced Developer (Elixir)
Job description: Core team developer, focused mainly on our Elixir “kernel”, but extending into some frontend work (VueJS, Flutter), data science (Julia, Python), and devops (Kubernetes).
Salary range: Depending on experience
Position on remote work: Entirely remote
Qualifications or experience required: Nothing formal, but able to demonstrate good design ability and experience

About the interview process

  • Elixir competency test
  • Interview with CTO
  • Interview with CEO

It’ll all be pretty informal, don’t worry!

Further info

Applications to: application@flexibility.ai


This sounds awesome!

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