Elixir docker container very high memory usage


This was brought up by Jannus on discord and we did not figure out the reason, hence the post here. I can fully reproduce his findings.

There seems to be some variable at play that when running the standard Elixir container (docker run -it elixir) it will consume 1.5 to 2.0GB of memory in stead of the expected ~60MB.

Here you can see it consuming 1.5GB of memory on my desktop computer (with kernel 6.4.6)

On a vps/vm with ubuntu 22.04 (kernel 5.15.0-73) it’s still fine:

Both are just the latest on amd64 architecture. I also tried some older tags and variations with OTP26/OTP25 but that did not seem to make a difference.

Any tips on how to further debug and find the root cause would be appreciated!

I had not seen there was already a topic about it: Elixir / Erlang docker containers RAM usage on different OS's / Kernels

This can be closed as a duplicate.