Elixir em Foco - New Elixir Podcast (in Portuguese)


You all probably know that José Valim is Brazilian and that his native language is Portuguese. I, Herminio Torres, Matheus Pesanha and Cristine Guadelupe have started a podcast in Portuguese: Elixir em Foco (translation: Elixir in Focus) https://elixiremfoco.com/.

Today we launched our third episode, interviewing Elaine Naomi Watanabe, a software engineer and The RealReal. In the two previous episodes we interviewed Pedro Castilho, CTO at Comadre, and Vitor Leal, CTO at Solfácil.

We are on Spotify and all other major audio platforms.

I am a member of the Education, Training, & Adoption Working Group of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. As part of my activities there, I can help you create a podcast in your native language.



Good luck with the podcast Adolfo :023:

I don’t know Portuguese myself but do listen to the ‘top 100’ charts for Spain, Mexio and Brazil from time to time (I love listening to Reggaeton music :sunglasses:) so might tune in from time to time just to try and pick up some of the language :003:

PS in case you weren’t aware, we recently expanded our one-thread-per-blog-post feature to podcasts too - you can get all the details here: Calling all BEAM Bloggers!