Elixir email libraries - Bamboo vs Swoosh?

What are everyone’s thoughts on these two email libraries? Quality features? Pain points? Speed / ram usage / are they using IO lists?

Both seem to enjoy a decent level of popularity.


Just by looking at the descriptions Swoosh comes with a couple of nice features - SMTP and preview in browser.

Looks like Phoenix uses Bamboo: http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/sending-email

With Rails I would just set the delivery method to use sendmail and it just works on my server - can we do this with Phoenix?


For waht its worth, Bamboo doesn’t do attachments at the moment.

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Bamboo has a pretty nice API and comes with a nice SentEmailViewerPlug which allows you to view sent e-mails in the browser during development. It’s kind of silly that they don’t include SMTP in the default set of adapters, though.


mailman also deserves mentioning…

and even phoenix_mjml for mjml templating https://hex.pm/packages/phoenix_mjml

haven’t done any emails yet with phoenix so no experience…

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Mjml looks interesting. Hadn’t heard of that.

I use mailman, but you need to use this fork https://github.com/benwilson512/mailman at the moment if you want to use newer versions of Elixir


Please note that this fork is 100% for my own usage, it is not intended to be a community wide fork. If it works for you, great, but I’m not supporting a community fork here even a little.

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Ahh yeah, I should have included that caveat. I’m looking at Swoosh to see if it meets my needs. If it doesn’t, I’m considering forking Mailman myself. In the meantime I’m using your fork @benwilson512, no support suspected.

And for what it’s worth today it seems no longer to be the case: https://hexdocs.pm/bamboo/Bamboo.Attachment.html