Elixir Engineer at jobvalley – Germany (remote)

Interested in Elixir?

We are looking for experienced Software Engineers who already worked or would like to work with Elixir/Phoenix.

About us

My name: Marieke
My position: Tech Recruiter
Company name: jobvalley (former Studitemps)
Website: https://tech.jobvalley.com/
Country: Germany
Company info and history: jobvalley is the leading digital platform for flexible work in Germany. We help students find work while they study and provide them with their first post graduate job afterwards. Our product development team are working on revolutionizing the job market for academics and we have seven teams who use Elixir and Phoenix, Flutter, or Ruby on Rails to write applications such as automated employment contract creation, high-performance billing systems, an intelligent matching platform for optimal staffing, our job platform Jobmensa, a student app and a self-service platform for corporates.

About the job

Job title: Software Engineer (Elixir)
Job description: As a software engineer at jobvalley it’s not just about writing good code. In your Scrum team, you can contribute your skills and ideas. This starts with the conception and exploration of central questions and leads to their architectural and technical implementation.
The work of our seven teams always focuses on the overarching goal of advancing our product by creating added value for students, companies and our internal employees alike.
Your tasks will include designing and developing applications and microservices in Elixir and optimizing the existing code base.
We use domain-driven design to handle the complexity of our software landscape.
Salary range: 60-85000
Position on remote work: remote work within Germany
Qualifications or experience required: A couple of years as a software engineer working on products. Experiences with Elixir or other functional programming languages are helpful, but not necessary.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: We have open positions in two of our teams. You would either work on a new product: a job platform for young professionals. Or you would work on the fully automated creation of employment contracts and accounting systems for punctual payment of wages for our students.

About the interview process

  1. You would have a short phone call with the tech recruiter to get to know more about jobvalley, the teams, the job and the requirements.
  2. A one hour call (Google Meet) with the team you would be working in.
  3. An application day (5-6 hours) via Google Meet and Around to join the team for one day, have a refinement with them, a pair-programming session and a call with our VP Engineering.


Please contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in that position:
+49 151 14199020