Elixir Engineer at Telnyx (Remote, Full-time)

Introductory paragraph

Fast growing communications company, Telnyx, is seeking experienced developers to join our team.

About us

My name: Gabriel Taylor Russ
My position: Elixir Engineer
Company name: Telnyx
Website: https://www.telnyx.com
Country: USA
Company info and history:

Telnyx provides our customers with voice and messaging solutions with carrier-grade reliability. We sell our services in a totally automated fashion, allowing our users to scale on-demand.

We’re growing consitently and need more Elixir developers to keep up.

We have a microservices architecture and are currently running approximately 20 Elixir services in production. These services form our public API, api.telnyx.com, and facilitate VoIP calls.

We have 12 developers writing Elixir at the moment and have been using Elixir in production for 2 years, so you’ll would be joining a team of experienced Elixir devs eager to share their knowledge, but equally excited to learn from you and your experiences.

About the job

Job title:
Elixir Engineer
Job description:
Design, build test and deploy microservices written in Elixir to deliver mission critical communication services across the globe.
Salary range:
60 - 120k depending on experience
Position on remote work:
We love remote! We are approximately 30% at the momemt. Typically we only hire remote in North and South America and Western Europe as these are the easiest locations for to collaborate with our offices in Chicago, USA and Dublin, Ireland.
Qualifications or experience required:
3+ years professional software development experience.
Experience with Elixir or excitement about learning Elixir
What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Telnyx is a communications company that develops intuitive APIs on which developers build critical business communication applications. The successful applicant will be working on one of a number of Elixir development teams, each contributing to applications that form a part of our public API.

About the interview process

Once we’ve received your resume and contact details, we’ll arrange a call with one of our senior Elixir developers, providing you with an opportunity to ask us questions about the company, work environment, projects, teams and anything else about Telnyx that piques your curiosity. We’ll also cover some basic technical questions to ensure that your skills are a match for the challenges at Telnyx.

The next stage requires you to solve a programming task that will take a couple of hours to complete and give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in either Elixir or the programming language in which you are most confident; we know not everyone excited about Elixir has professional Elixir experience.

The third stage is developing a solution to a programming problem with some of our team via a video conference. This is not a whiteboard exercise and we encourage you to work how you would normally i.e. use your editor of choice, Elixir Docs, Stack Overflow, Google. We’re interested to see how you solve problems and communicate your thinking.

Following the code challenge you’ll meet people from teams across the engineering group to give you the best sense of the culture and to challenge your skills in designing complex systems.

Further info

Apply here https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/telnyxcom/view/P_AAAAAACAAKcLYGEJlgpApB


Hey Gabriel. How can I have a chance to talk to someone about this role?

I’ve applied several times, but always end up receiving an automatic message.


I thought of applying but the thought of waiting weeks before an answer is not appealing.

@gabrieltaylor How quickly would you guys react and organize an interview and a technical test?

Hi Dimitarvp,
Typically we respond to applicants the same day they apply to organize an initial discussion at a time convenient to them in the next 7 days (sooner the better :). We would look to organize the remaining stages quite quickly after that.

After each stage I endeavor to get back to the applicant within 24 hours, but the code review portion can take a little longer, ~3 days.

I hope to see your application soon.


That’s reasonable – especially the code review. I just find it weird how so many companies take 1-2 weeks before giving you feedback for an hour-long interview. Surely it can’t be that hard even if you have 5 other people interviewed in the meantime.

No hard promises from me for now. I’ll see how my other final interview stages and offers go and will revisit where I apply accordingly.

Thank you for the snappy answer.

I have just sent you an email, I have production experience with elixir, we were one of the early adopter of elixir at my last company been using it for past 5 years on and off

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I suspect you guys filled the position? The link is no longer valid.