Elixir Engineer, Kraków, Poland - onsite/remote

We are looking for Software Engineer to develop our open source project – Membrane Multimedia Framework. It’s an easy-to-use abstraction layer for assembling mostly server-side applications that have to consume, produce, or process multimedia streams. It’s written in Elixir with the help of native code in C. You fit this project if you know at least one of these languages (Elixir or C/C++) and you would like to learn and use the other one.

About us
My name: Paulina
My position: PR Manager
Company name: Software Mansion
Website: www.swmansion.com
Country: Poland
Company info and history:
We are a team of engineers, based in Kraków, Poland. We mostly work with tech start-ups from New York and the Bay Area. We build software using Elixir among other technologies, like React, React Native, and Ruby on Rails.
We have a great experience with building multimedia systems and after learning the limits of existing tools we build our own - Membrane Framework. Membrane is an advanced multimedia processing framework written with Elixir. It’s an open-source project as we strive to bring value and actively contribute to the Elixir community.

About the job
Job title: Elixir Engineer
Job description:
You’d be a part of the core team in the Membrane Framework. The tasks you’d be given can be of two types:

  • Core development – you’ll be responsible for designing and improving API for our framework’s users as well as dealing with the internals of Membrane and adding new features. For example, during the last release, we were working on synchronization between streams and improving the testing API to make it more user-friendly.
  • Creating new elements – extending capabilities of our framework by creating so-called Elements that, for example, allow us to decode a new media format or to stream the data using a specific protocol. These tasks often require integration with native libraries.

Salary range: if you’re not Polish, we will discuss your salary in a suitable currency.
Engineer: 10 000 - 16 000 PLN (B2B); 8 000 - 12 800 PLN gross (CoE)
Senior Engineer: 16 000 - 23 000 PLN (B2B); 12 800 - 18 400 PLN gross (CoE)

Position on remote work: Ideally you’d be working with us in Kraków but remote is a possibility.

Qualifications or experience required:
Must have:

  • an engineering mindset and versatility – your broad IT knowledge will be useful and even necessary,
  • experience with, at least, one of the listed: Elixir, Erlang, C/C ++,
  • good command of English,
  • drive towards learning new technologies.
    Nice to have:
  • familiarity with C/C++,
  • Knowledge of multimedia,

About the interview process

  1. Phone call: This is a pre-step in our recruitment process. During a quick call, one of our recruiters will talk about the company and how the process looks like.
  2. Technical tasks: The first step when the candidates are receiving the form with technical tasks. After completing the form, we need a few days to evaluate the answers.
  3. 2 technical interviews with two different engineers.
  4. Meeting/call with the CEO.
  5. Decision.

Please use the form available here to apply: Elixir Engineer - Software Mansion
If you have any questions please contact our Recruitment Manager Patrycja: patrycja.pacocha@swmansion.com