Elixir Engineer - NYC or Remote, USA

Introductory paragraph

As the first full-time engineering hire to sit alongside our technical co-founder, you’ll play an integral role in platform development. EnquireLabs is a leading question analytics platform for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and E-commerce brands. Backed by top strategic partners and angel investors in the E-commerce space, we’re pursuing nimble and sustainable growth in pursuit of a customer relationship revolution.

About us

My name: Matt Bahr
My position: CEO
Company name: EnquireLabs
Website: https://enquirelabs.com
Country: USA
Company info and history: EnquireLabs was launched in 2018 as a side project that morphed into a venture funded endeavor. We’re built on Elixir with Phoenix & Liveview in production. Millions of people interact with our product every month.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Engineer
Job description:
Salary range: $125-180k
Position on remote work: Remote is fine. Our office is in NYC, so if you’re local, come in!
Qualifications or experience required: At least three years of professional software development experience.
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

As the first full-time engineering hire to sit alongside our technical co-founder, you’ll play an integral role in platform development. Here are just a few of the exciting opportunities that will be part of the dev roadmap:

  • Collaborate with the founding team to design the future of the product.
  • Design a highly reliable architecture based on Elixir, OTP, and the BEAM.
  • Improve DevOps, including deployment and testing strategies and application monitoring
  • Ownership of the entire technical stack, and direct input into technology and architecture decisions.
  • Work with emerging technologies in Elixir: we’re running Phoenix LiveView in production.
  • Collaborate with our database engineer to design performant queries and database schemas to support our analytics reporting.
  • Support the CEO and marketing team to implement tools and technologies that give them insight into our customers, business health, and growth.
  • Help shape our engineering practices and methodologies.
  • Develop documentation to support customers and consumers of our upcoming SDK
  • Design and develop SDK, helping EnquireLabs connect with customers outside of the Shopify ecosystem.
  • Design and integrate our new billing system and payment processors.
  • Help us grow our engineering team. We’re striving to create an engineering organization that values diversity and unique perspectives.

About the interview process

1 phone interview, 1 zoom interview, code review

Further info

For more information please email me at matt@enquirelabs.com or feel free to apply direct here: https://apply.workable.com/enquirelabs/j/0F3D8304D4/