Elixir Engineer - Remote (Company based in Chicago, US)

Cohesion is a leading Intelligent Buildings software solution that is disrupting how buildings operate and how people engage with buildings – from real estate owners/investors, operators, building engineers, to tenants and visitors. Our cutting-edge converged IoT-enabled platform brings together building systems, building software, and business applications into a single portal for on web and mobile platforms to forge the path to autonomous buildings.

About us

My name: Megan
My position: Talent Acquisition Manager
Company name: Cohesion
Website: https://www.cohesionib.com/
Country: United States
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): Cohesion’s IoT-enabled platform integrates building systems, streamlines operations, and connects tenants and operators to deliver actionable insights. Cohesion allows for real estate operators to make their properties “smart” to enhance the tenant experience, while also creating cost efficiencies. Founded in August 2018 and headquartered in Chicago, Cohesion is a spin-off venture of ESD, a leading Chicago-based global engineering design firm at the forefront of next generation building design. Our main platform is built in Elixir.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Engineer
Job description: We are searching for an Elixir Engineer to join our rapidly growing team. Cohesion has developed a robust IoT Platform built on Elixir. We are looking for an engineer to assist our Lead Elixir Engineer in managing, developing and pushing the platform forward.
Our ideal candidate is familiar with the IoT landscape and has experience developing and deploying edge gateways. The platform has been built to be cloud native and an understanding of what that means will be crucial to achieving the high availability needed to provide a flawless client experience.

What You’ll Do

• Architect and implement robust data pipelines for IoT data ingestion
• Build soft, real-time systems for alerting and notifications
• Manage and extend the centralized IoT routing system
• Develop robust observability and logging strategies for a growing network of edge devices as well as centralized cloud services
• Optimize data ingestion for a rapidly growing IoT network
• Work closely with a polyglot team of engineers to ensure optimal cross platform coordination

Salary range: 110-140K + bonus
Position on remote work: Totally open to remote candidates, we don’t have an office at this point
Qualifications or experience required:
• 2 years in an engineering role
• Production experience running Elixir and/or Erlang at scale
• Experience running applications on a cloud platform
• Knowledge of timeseries databases and relevant data models

Desired Qualifications
• Experience managing a fleet of edge devices
• Production Kubernetes experience
• LP-WAN Networks
• Designing and building microservice based architectures
• Distributed Erlang/Elixir
• IoT Security best practices
• Frontend development
• SaaS Platform development
• Designing and implementing multi-tenant applications
• Experience with BAS and BMS systems

About the interview process

30-minute phone call with Talent Acquisition Manager, 30-minute call with Team Lead, 30-minute call with CTO, Offer

Further info

For more information or to apply officially, feel free to email me directly at mlimanni@cohesionib.com or check us out on BuiltInChicago https://www.builtinchicago.org/


Megan is great to work with! Her great communication and enthusiasm are much appreciated.

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