Elixir Engineer - UT, USA - Remote

At Genesis Block, we’re building the digital banking experience of the future—one that will provide extraordinary opportunities for people around the world to improve their financial wellness and live fuller lives. We’re not just building products, though; we’re building a socially-responsible, culture-first company.

My name: Josie L
My position: People/Impact
Company name: Genesis Block
Website: https://genesisblock.com/
Country: USA
Founded in 2018, our stack includes React Native mobile and web apps, Elixir backend application, GraphQL/Absinthe interface, PostgreSQL, Firebase authentication and real-time DB, Google cloud functions, Phoenix admin panels, CI automation, and AWS deploy/hosting.

About the job

Job title: Engineer
Job description:

  • Help to build the backend infrastructure of cutting-edge financial products
  • You choose where to work in the stack - backend development only or full-stack end-to-end feature development
  • Translate stakeholders needs into technical solutions
  • Find creative ways to balance immediate market demands with long-term technical concerns
  • Participate in code reviews, mentoring opportunities and collaborative projects
  • Help to set and achieve the company’s social and environmental goals
  • Contribute to the development of a thriving workplace culture, including providing ideas and feedback on policies and practices

Salary range: $80-$140K
Position on remote work: Remote-first company

Qualifications or experience required:

  • Has experience working with Elixir and GraphQL
  • Is passionate about solving problems
  • Is comfortable self managing and working in teams
  • Is able to produce high quality, well-tested code
  • Is prepared to support the highest security systems/standards
  • Is motivated to contribute to a rapid-growth company
  • Is eager to contribute to our social and environmental impact efforts

About the interview process
Zoom interviews held with shortlisted candidates. Technical assessment may be administered.

Please apply at: Jobs | Genesis Block - Digital banking powered by crypto