Elixir error

Hello All,

I need your assistance to fix an error I am currently having trying to run one of my Elixir applications.
Please find error below:

Function: request_process/3
===> Compiling src/cowboy_stream_h.erl failed
src/cowboy_stream_h.erl:none: internal error in sys_core_dsetel;
crash reason: {case_clause,
#{0 => 1,1 => 1,2 => 1,4 => 1,5 => 1,6 => 1,10 => 0,
‘Reason’ => 1}},

in function compile:’-select_passes/2-anonymous-2-’/3 (compile.erl, line 585)
in call from compile:’-internal_comp/5-anonymous-1-’/3 (compile.erl, line 349)
in call from compile:fold_comp/4 (compile.erl, line 376)
in call from compile:internal_comp/5 (compile.erl, line 360)
in call from compile:’-do_compile/2-anonymous-0-’/2 (compile.erl, line 177)
in call from compile:’-do_compile/2-anonymous-1-’/1 (compile.erl, line 190)

** (Mix) Could not compile dependency :cowboy, “/home/user/.mix/rebar3 bare compile --paths “/app_path/_build/dev/lib/*/ebin”” command failed. You can recompile this dependency with “mix deps.compile cowboy”, update it with “mix deps.update cowboy” or clean it with “mix deps.clean cowboy”

Any help would be most appreciated.



Check this thread:

@AstonJ Looks like that both threads have exactly same problem. There is no option to mark thread as duplicate of another one like on sites for managing bug reports. Should this be flagged? The only option I can see is Something Else. Maybe those threads should be merged?


Thanks very much, @Eiji

The issue has to do with Cowboy 2.8.

I downgraded and it’s working fine now.


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