Elixir events in 2017



Hi people, since the new year is coming, I’d like to plan my travels for events in 2017.
So, what events (Elixir or FP related) that you are planning to go?

So far, I know about:

What am I missing? :smile:

Elixir Events/Conferences in 2018

There’s also Lambda Days, Feb 9-10, http://www.lambdadays.org/lambdadays2017




Hey George, I’ve made this a wiki and sticky for you :003: anyone can now help keep the list updated :023: (still advise to post new entries as a post as well so it bumps the thread).


Anyone planning on going to ElixirConf EU?


Wanted to, even was looking at doing a talk… but travel and hotel far too expensive.


There is also Erlang Factory Lite in Rome this April


I’m gonna be there (ElixirConf EU)!


I’m very tempted to go as I know it would be awesome and Barcelona is a great location. Just having to work out the cost as I work in a .net shop so can’t see any contribution from employer sadly :icon_sad:


You forgot Erlang and elixir Factory Buenos Aires. The only one confirmed here in LA. 29, 30 June


Hi guys,

I would like to invite you to meetup called LambdUp. The meetup will be held on December 6, 2017 in Prague. The program of meetup will be about functional programming where you can meet names like Eric Normand, Claudio Ortolina, Andrea Leopardi and more great speakers. Let’s join us and get to know more about Elixir, Clojure, F# and Elm.

More info: https://www.lambdup.io/


Empex Los Angeles Feb 10th . - http://empex.co/la.html


Is it possible to get a new thread for 2018? I’d love to plan some travel around some Elixir events. Specifically interested in Elixir Conf 2018. Haven’t found seem any info posted for that yet.


If you fancy it, go for it Jason, I’m sure George won’t mind :023:

I believe ElixrConf will be in September but don’t quote me on that :lol: