Elixir examples added to ZeroMQ zguide at Github

For those of you who might be interested in using ZeroMQ in Elixir, I converted the Erlang examples in the ZeroMQ “zguide” to Elixir. I used erl2ex (https://github.com/dazuma/erl2ex.git) to do the initial conversion, then did a bit of editing and testing. Most of these examples work. I was not able to convert a couple because they used a module that I could not find.

You can find these Elixir examples in the ZeroMQ “zguide” repository at https://github.com/booksbyus/zguide. Look in the examples/Elixir directory. See the README.md file for a summary of which examples seem to work and which do not.

Hope this is helpful.



Cool. Is there a mature zmq lib for erlang or Elixir right now. I looked at it a few years back to try to transition some services to Elixir but lots of stuff was missing then and I didn’t know nearly ebough to fix it.

Multipart messages were missing at the time I believe.

I used erlzmq2 from https://github.com/zeromq/erlzmq2.git.

I did not try to push it very hard. I suspect it needs care and attention.

I also found that there were missing pieces that were used in the Erlang examples. In particular, I could not find erlzmq_device and erlzmq_util.

If I get time, I’ll try to investigate the multipart message capability.

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Thanks! Very timely, I was just looking at Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain which uses zeromq and has SDKs for Python, Node, Java, C++, but not elixir so this will come in handy.

Don’t spend the time for my sake. Was just curious but no longer need it :slight_smile:

I’m curious, too. I looked just a little more closely. My understanding is really shallow, but, the following code in rrbroker.exs seems to handle multi-part messages:

def loop(frontend, backend) do
receive do
{:zmq, ^frontend, msg, flags} ->
case(:proplists.get_bool(:rcvmore, flags)) do
true ->
:erlzmq.send(backend, msg, [:sndmore])
false ->
:erlzmq.send(backend, msg)
{:zmq, ^backend, msg, flags} ->
case(:proplists.get_bool(:rcvmore, flags)) do
true ->
:erlzmq.send(frontend, msg, [:sndmore])
false ->
:erlzmq.send(frontend, msg)
loop(frontend, backend)

That example (rrbroker.exs) seems to work. But, I don’t know how it’s being done underneath in erlzmq (erlzmq2). Looks hopeful, though.