Elixir Flo-time, a low-code system specification

Hobby learning Elixir + lots of holiday time = Elixir Flo-time, a system specification.

Elixir Flo-time

Elixir Flotime is a low-code solution used to build ‘flo pipelines’ built on top of Elixir GenStage. Users without any coding knowledge can quickly deploy business logic to a prod environment. At the same time, more advanced users have access to a traditional software stack with an SDK. Similar product inspirations: Apache Airflow, Snaplogic, Chronicle SOAR, Phantom SOAR, and Node-Red.

Feature Set:

  • A low-code web gui builder
  • Multi tenancy environments
  • Liveview monitor and report dashboards
  • Pipeline backpressure + configurable concurrency
  • Subflo pipelines within pipelines
  • Developer SDK for custom stages
  • All changes / updates tracked through git repository

System Specification

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About me

By trade I am a backend python developer. In my job I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Snaplogic, Node-Red, Phantom, and Siemplify (now Chronicle SOAR). These are good tools but I’ve always felt they had missing pieces. As soon as I started learning about Elixir I thought it would be a perfect low-code fit.

Let me know what you think! Its still just a system spec with lots of room for ideas.

P.s. Shout out to @whatyouhide whos async livebooks helped jump start my Elixir learning.