Elixir Flow and Windows 10

I have a Flow setup that does a port scan on localhost to catch anything I currently have running:

    |> Flow.from_enumerable()
    |> Flow.partition()
    |> Flow.map(fn port ->
        host: host,
        path: "/status",
        port: port,
        scheme: "http"
      |> URI.to_string()
      |> IO.inspect() # <-- only here for troubleshooting, issue persists without it
      |> Req.get(retry: false)
      |> assign(port)
    |> Flow.reject(fn response -> Enum.empty?(response) end)

Whether or not I use Flow.partition() doesn’t seem to have an effect on it, but the IO.inspect() seems to be printing out 24 items at a time with a delay of about one second between printing. Putting Flow.from_enumerable(max_demand: 1) (something I saw on StackOverflow) doesn’t do anything to speed it up either.

When I run this same code on Ubuntu, the process completes in less than half a second. Is this an issue with how Windows allocates processes? Has anyone else experienced this with Flow? Or is this just poorly written code that Flow doesn’t know what to do with?