Elixir for Programmers (PragDave)

Awesome, I am so excited for you all :003: can’t wait to hear what you think :023:

Yes he cover tests, apart from (I think) the last chapter as that is more a demonstration of Phoenix Channels with Vue.JS for a SPA. You’re not getting this for the testing though - you’re getting it to see how Dave’s wonderful amassed knowledge over several decades applies to Elixir :smiley: and that, imo, is worth its weight in gold :yellow_heart:


Great, i’m sold :smile:

My question regarding tests was simply because i saw on the overview at least one chapter mentioning it, and given Dave is approaching structure in a different way, i suppose it could help reasoning about it.

I took the chance and bought “Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix” book with the pragprog coupon, they seem to overlap a bit regarding the goal of separating concerns, but i haven’t really started it.

There’s a lot of quality content coming out, we truly have a rich community :clap:

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How did you all get on with this after? Hope you loved it as much as I did :lol:

For those of you who haven’t got it… it’s still on offer :wink:

I hopped on the beta, and I loved it. It’s the best learning resource out there right now for Elixir and Phoenix IMHO. I can’t wait for more. I went through it multiple times with different motives. The first pass got me thinking in Elixir. In the second pass, I set out to write my own API instead of the hangman API as I was following along. This is a good way to test your understanding over and above coding along.


@AstonJ am about to buy this course probably before the day is over, but just to confirm is this a full video course, or a text course or both?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I signed up fo the free trial last night and it seems to be a mix of both. There were some text only lessons and some video / text lessons. For $30 I’ll probably buy it today, but ilearning Elixir is getting pricey. I already have his book, which is good, so I’m questioning when I’ll have time and money for the course. But very tempting!

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I just finished the course yesterday and I can say this is mostly a video course but text to support the video and to reenforce concepts.

I do recommend this course. It gave me a very different perspective on how to develop a Elixir/Phoenix application based on Dave’s programming methodology.

Best regards.


Yep it’s a full video course - the text is more of a recap of what you saw in the video :+1:t3:


@pragdave Your first elixir course is the best one I’ve seen so far. I’m halfway through it and I wish there were more of this quality… it leaves out all the annoying fluff and 45 minutes of writing tests with 5 minutes of poorly explained coding. I wish he had more than one course, I’d buy them all.

When do you think your next one will be done? I see you made that comment in september, hopefully soon!


I finished this a while ago but never got around to reviewing it.

The course is very well-presented, in a clear, coherent manner.

The content is great because it promotes a different view of how to build Elixir applications from the majority of resources (official docs, blogs, tutorials, etc) you will find out there.

Essentially, it is promoting a very decoupled approach. In the final project, your application will look like this:

Elixir Web UI – Internal API interface – Elixir service

The result is:
*separate, reusable components
*non-umbrella architecture
*decoupled as much as possible

For my latest work project, we’re adapting a variation of the above:

Elixir Web UI - External API interface – (Non-Elixir) service

This is useful for us because this decoupled approach allows use to introduce Elixir in a project where there are other languages/tools already in place.


Finished the course and I do agree that it was great. Looking at writing up a formal review at some point soon.


Just bought the video course. The “Programming Elixir” course-book convinced me this should be the next stop on my path of Learning Elixir.

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Why should a non-umbrella architecture be considered better?


There was a discussion about that here.


Less temptation to couple code, and more reuse of independent components.



I just bought this course. These reviews are awesome. I got half way through the Programming Phoenix and realized 1.4 is coming soon and so is he book, a lot of what I learned is relevant but very much different so I am hoping this will be better.

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Nice - let us know what you think, I hope you’ll love it as much as I did :003:

Programming Phoenix is out in beta for 1.4 too btw :023:

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Just bought. Looking forward to it!


I am brand-new to Elixir and Phoenix, and I just bought this. I look forward to diving in shortly!


P.S. I have never used Rails, yet most Phoenix tutorials seem to make references / comparisons to it. On a first look, it looks like this one departs from that assumption that everyone has a Rails background - so I am liking it already.



I have some questions:

  • This course receive updates? I see comments above about this course use Elixir 1.5 and Phoenix 1.3.
  • This course is one time payment or monthly?