Elixir for self-hosted applications

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of building a series of networked applications with Elixir, e.g. an email server, a chat client, and others. I’d like to make it as easy as possible for others to self-host them. Ideally, it would have simple configuration and require minimal management, in the vein of Mail-in-a-box. I haven’t seen many self-hosted Elixir apps out in the wild, though, other than Pleroma. Does anyone here maintain an Elixir app that encourages users to self-host it? Do you have any best practices for structuring and distributing these apps?



From the top of my head there is papercups, plausible, and keila you could take a look at.

Papercups is an intercom alternative.
Plausible is a privacy friendly google analytics alternative.
Keila is a mailchimp/newsletter alternative.

You can self-host all of those.


You may find some helpful patterns in a toolkit we’re working on for building deploying Elixir + Vue apps:

There are some nice Earthfile + Pulumi recipes in there for deployment with Github Actions, Postgres, Redis and Kubernetes.
The deployment folder for Pulumi is here: potionx/index.ts at main · PotionApps/potionx · GitHub

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