Elixir Full Stack Engineer @ Rotabull - Aviation E-Commerce Startup in NYC

Introductory paragraph

Our team at Rotabull is looking for a short-term, senior full stack engineer to work on our application which is written in Elixir / Phoenix on the backend and React on the front.

We are building a platform for selling aircraft parts, to bring online the $75 billion that airlines spend on repairs each year. Our customers are aircraft parts suppliers around the world, depending on our systems to run their day-to-day businesses.

About us

My name: Evan

My position: CTO

Company name: Rotabull

Website: https://rotabull.com/

Country: USA

Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): Rotabull is a young aviation software company in New York City, founded by a group of recent MIT alumni. We started our web application on Phoenix about a year ago, and the entirety of our web backend and associated background jobs are written in Elixir.

About the job

Job title: Contract Software Engineer

Job description: We’re looking for generalist engineers excited about building high-quality software, and our work at the intersection of aerospace, e-commerce, and software.

We heavily emphasize pair programming and testing, and are looking for you to help mentor for some of our junior team members.

Salary range: $90 - 100/hr

Position on remote work: Onsite preferred, but remote considered if you have remote pairing experience

Qualifications or experience required: 3 years of experience minimum. Experience with pair programming and web development highly preferred. Elixir experience is great but not required.

What the successful job applicant will be working on: Day to day, you’ll primarily be working across the full stack on the Rotabull web application (we also have a small client written in C# to pull some customers’ on-premise data). Additionally, you’ll have a big impact in setting the direction of our practices given our nascent engineering culture and product.

About the interview process

If you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out to begin the interview process:

  • 30 minute phone call / screen: We’ll go through some basic questions to assess fit, give you a chance to learn more about Rotabull, and do a quick FizzBuzz-level exercise in a shared editor as a screen

  • Code sample / 1 hour interview: We’ll review a past project that you feel is relevant based on the 1st call OR we’ll prepare a simple pair programming problem that we’ll do together in a shared editor over the course of an hour

  • 2 hour pair programming interview: We’ll work together on a small problem that we’re actually facing in our project today, which will help us both figure out how strong of a fit this role is

Further info

If you have any questions, you can email me directly at evan@rotabull.com

Otherwise, please apply with a brief description of your experience and why you’d be a good fit by sending an email to hiring@rotabull.com