Elixir Functional Programming, Toy_Robot

I have just read JOY OF ELIXIR book and apart from it I have no previous experience in this. Actually I have participated in a competition where we have to make a robot(toy_robot),we have been provided a few articles . It includes making functions like start, stop, move, left, right etc. But as I am very new to functional programming and elixir, I am not able to properly understand it and make functions. Can someone please share any resources for understanding it properly, and keeping in mind I have only 8 days to read the resources.

Although you have very little time here are a few learning resources Learning resources - The Elixir programming language

You should provide example of functions You don’t understand.

The more specific You are in writing your question, the more focused the answer will be. And it might help You understand what You need to do.