Elixir Gettext and the MO files

To handle the Gettext PO translations I use the POEDIT editor which compiles the PO files to MO files sitting side by side with the PO files. The purpose of these files, the documentation says, is to increase the performance on runtime.

Here’s my question: does the Elixir implementation of Gettext recognise/use these files? Which leads me to the next question: should I keep them under version control or ignore them?

Since the Elixir version of Gettext is a rewrite of the GNU original version, it makes sense that it behaves the same way. One of the selling point of Gettext tool is the performance.

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The Elixir Gettext implementation already “compiles” the PO content when you compile your app. So no extra step is required. It also includes optimisations for interpolated messages. See:


Thanks kip.

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