Elixir Getting Started: Scripted mode

Hi! Going through the elixir-lang.org getting started guides and have a question about Scripted mode section.

You can see this point in the guide:

When executed, both extensions compile and load their modules into memory, although only .ex files write their bytecode to disk in the format of .beam files.

And further:

And execute it as:

$ elixir math.exs

The file will be compiled in memory and executed, printing β€œ3” as the result. No bytecode file will be created.

So, the question is here: one can do the same thing with *.ex extension and run it with:

elixir math.ex

And in this case I also see no compiled *.beam file.

Guess *.exs compilation will not write *.beam file to the disk if you do it with mix. Is it correct?


Command elixir is used to run scripts.
Command elixirc is used to compile modules to *.beam files.
File extension is irrelevant for both commands. You may use math.my_custom_extension or even avoid it at all and name file as math.

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Yeah, but it’s a little bit subtle in guides, because no matter what extension you use, no *.beam file will be written to disk.

Ah, yes. There is a button on the page to edit it on GitHub :wink:


Just wanted to make sure I’m on the same side with the community, thanks )


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