Elixir Goto Night in Zurich 28.03.2017 (updated with slides/demos; & now a video!)

The second Goto Elixir night in Zurich, Switzerland is happening on March 28th @ 18:00. There will be a presentation on Elixir/BEAM processes and scaling (with a reasonable bunch of live demos thrown in for fun and daring), and an open Q/A. More detalis here.


In case anyone is even remotely interested, here are the slides and here are the toy examples I used for the demos. The demos are not meant to demostrate how to one would write things in the “real world”, but rather to show the primitives in use behind the scenes throughout Elixir / OTP: spawn, link, monitor, send, receive.

There is supposedly a video of the presentation coming which, if it turned out reasonably well (audio, etc), I’ll upload to youtube … cheers!

p.s. would it be nice/sensible to have a community repository of contributed presentation materials that people could pick from when doing Elixir presentations at conferences / local venues?


The talk is up on Youtube: the wonderful people at Simplificator AG, who hosted the evening, recorded the talk and caught most of the demos … but the important information is in the slides-n-talking bit anyways.

We also did a little hands-on exercise to demonstrate the difference between parallelism and concurrency … that starts at around 5:20 :slight_smile:


Oh wow - the forum gets a mention, thanks Aaron :003:

Sounds like a really good talk too, I’ll cross-post into into our talks thread :023:


How else do we hope to build the community? :slight_smile: Happy to do this when/as I can…