Elixir In Action (Manning)

The obfuscated liveview version is identified in the URL as v3 (elixir-in-action-second-edition/welcome/v-3/) - that version has been available “in the clear” via MEAP since May 10, 2018.

And having purchased the MEAP from Manning the liveview version isn’t obfuscated as long as that account is logged in.

Yes I know :slight_smile:

You both missed the “j/k” at the bottom of my post!

This was definitely one of my favourite parts of the book too - wait till you get to Supervisors - you will love Saša for taking the time to break it down and explain it all so well :003:

Is there a coupon for the MEAP version? I hate reading “stale” content, even though I’m sure I don’t need to get the 2nd edition.

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I thought j/k was your signature :slight_smile:


Standard forum discount

For an up to 50% discount “watch” the Book Sales / Discounts / Coupons Thread.

even though I’m sure I don’t need to get the 2nd edition.

Though authors may need encouragement to keep their content updated.

Given that I haven’t read it end-to-end, in a linear fashion, I keep coming back to (re-)read a chapter here and there (mostly the later ones) and I prefer to have updated content for that and in this case it is definitely worth it (and I really like the searchability of electronic media in any case).


trying to buy the MEAP version of Elixir in Action with the coupon: elixirforum18

They’re not allowing it to be applied:

The coupons only work with ebooks unfortunately Rey.

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ah… didn’t catch that, thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and purchased it anyway, as I really like the physical books better… but still want to start reading it now.


I’m happy to announce that the 2nd. edition is now released. You can grab it at https://www.manning.com/books/elixir-in-action-second-edition


Many congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work. I’ve been really looking forward to this being published.


Thanks for updating it to 1.7…but but, 1.8 is around the corner :frowning:

Nevertheless, I already bought the MEAP and thank you so much for your work. My hard copy will be on the way soon from Manning.

There’s not really anything that needs to be updated for 1.8 other than the version number, so the book is still up to date :slight_smile:


As a reader from the book I got it when the MEAP was released. I am quite happy with the purchase, however it would have been nice to have some chapters mentioning spec and quickcheck.

Other than that, there is no part of the book I felt was rushed or missing. It has pretty much the standard knowledge most people should know about Elixir.

Favorite part:

  • releases with distillery. We now have distillery 2.X so the book could use some updates, but I must say that chapter alone was the most useful in my work.

Less liked part:

  • distribution with elixir. Mainly because nowadays the odds of you doing a distributed cluster manually are so slim I wonder if that space in the book should have been used so extensively to describe a feature made deprecated by VMs, docker and micro-services. This is a personal opinion however, if you do distribted systems manually, those chapters will be right up your alley.

Overall I would recommend the book.
Great work and I hope to see more coming from you!

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The book is now available on Amazon (link). In case you’ve read it, a review would be very appreciated :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile: I am waiting for the paper version directly from Manning and reading the epub version meanwhile. I like it a lot.

Do you know, by any chance, when the production version is going to be released as epub? There’s still MEAPv3 as for this moment.

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According to the book page, epub + kindle should be released on Jan 16th.


Same day as my paper copy is due to arrive according to Fedex. However since it is still in America and I’m in the UK we’ll see. But at least I should have it by the weekend when the weather turns colder and I’ll have a good excuse to light the fire and lie on the sofa and start reading it.

I’ve read the ebook but my paper copy will be here Friday :slight_smile: Probably end up reading it again, such a great book!

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You might be lucky: According to Fedex, Elixir in Action has landed at Stansted.:smile:

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