Elixir In Action (Manning)



I bought this excellent book too and strongly suggest it to others!


Love your clear and explicit explanation of

  1. how mailbox of processes behaves
  2. Module as a kind of data abstraction
  3. going through a similar behaviour implementation to that of GenServer so that i have a better idea of what is going on when using GenServer

looking forward to the next half of the book


Thank you for the feedback! Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the book too :slight_smile:


When will the 2nd edition complete?


I’ve already made the first pass through all the chapters and handed them off to Manning. The MEAP version should be updated soonish to contain everything, but at the moment I don’t have the exact date. Past that point, we have to wait for the feedback from reviewers, make changes as necessary, and then it’s off to production. The estimated date on the book page says summer 2018. I’m personally hoping that the print version would be released in June or early July, but don’t hold me to it :slight_smile:


v2 of Meap is now available, with full content :slight_smile:


The updated MEAP has just been released, and the book is now sent to production. Based on the final review feedback, we’ve decided to add a brief treatment of tasks and agents (about 15 pages). The corresponding sections are available in chapter 10 (now renamed to “Beyond GenServer”). Other than that, there are no major changes, only a couple of minor fixes.

Wish you all a happy reading :slight_smile:


EIA is a real treasure of knowledge. Looking forward for your next book.



Any plans for another book @sasajuric? :003:


No plans atm :slight_smile:


Looks like there is a 2nd edition coming up: https://www.amazon.com/Elixir-Action-scaron-Juri-cacute/dp/1617295027/ref=dp_ob_image_bk
I just started reading some of this book and I love the details on processes etc. so far.


It is already available as MEAP here.

The book is content complete.


It might be content complete but it looks like some of the book is written in some foreign language



Well… it’s the Manning way to encrypt the real content as It’s just a preview. But I can ensure You the real deal is readable :slight_smile:


The obfuscated liveview version is identified in the URL as v3 (elixir-in-action-second-edition/welcome/v-3/) - that version has been available “in the clear” via MEAP since May 10, 2018.

And having purchased the MEAP from Manning the liveview version isn’t obfuscated as long as that account is logged in.


Yes I know :slight_smile:

You both missed the “j/k” at the bottom of my post!


This was definitely one of my favourite parts of the book too - wait till you get to Supervisors - you will love Saša for taking the time to break it down and explain it all so well :003:


Is there a coupon for the MEAP version? I hate reading “stale” content, even though I’m sure I don’t need to get the 2nd edition.


I thought j/k was your signature :slight_smile:


Standard forum discount

For an up to 50% discount “watch” the Book Sales / Discounts / Coupons Thread.

even though I’m sure I don’t need to get the 2nd edition.

Though authors may need encouragement to keep their content updated.

Given that I haven’t read it end-to-end, in a linear fashion, I keep coming back to (re-)read a chapter here and there (mostly the later ones) and I prefer to have updated content for that and in this case it is definitely worth it (and I really like the searchability of electronic media in any case).