Elixir in browser, on wasm, multi nodes

I am not asking about GitHub - elixirscript/elixirscript: Converts Elixir to JavaScript

Is there any project that:

  1. compiles Erlang VM to wasm
  2. runs multiple instances of the wasm in a browser (web workers)
  3. each wasm Erlang VM serves as an ‘erlang node’
  4. Erlang/Elixir code runs natively on the wasm-Erlang-VM

I am not looking for a way to do Elixir → JS transpiler. I am looking for something that runs Elixir in the browser by directly running the Erlang VM in wasm.

Is there any project that does this ?

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There is a WASM effort ongoing at lumen.

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This would definitely work. Is development still active? lumen github seems to show no updates in past 9 months.

Not Erlang / Elixir per se but maybe this is of interest: