Elixir interactive shell not opening in windows terminal

Iex not working in windows terminal,when i typed iex only a blank space appeared,i have correctly added the environmental variables.That didnt work ,i have been trying various methods,tried to reinstall elixir multiple times but still stuck with this same problem.

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In PowerShell iex is an existing alias. That could be the problem.
You could unset the alias in your PowerShell profile for example.

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when i open windows cmd as administrator iex shell is showing and i have sucessfully created a phoenix project.But inside that folder iex is not opening.Iex is only opening in this C:\Windows\System32\ it wont show if run iex command in the d folder or any other folder than C:\Windows\System32\

You could try removing Elixir and installing with Scoop (https://scoop.sh/). It takes care of paths for you, and installs exes in your home dir, which eliminates any possible file permissions issues. It also makes updates easier in future.

If you don’t solve your problem, perhaps include a bit more info eg. are you using powershell or cmd? And list your current env vars (env in cmd, or dir env: in powershell)