Elixir job market

In my most recent blog post (https://akoutmos.com/post/broadway-rabbitmq-and-the-rise-of-elixir-two/) I used Broadway to process every HackerNews item since Elixir was announced in 2011 and plot the trend of Erlang+Elixir over time. Out of curiosity, I was wondering how the Elixir job market has fared over time and modified my Broadway pipeline to only look at comments posted via the “whoishiring” user on HackerNews.

I figured I would share the results here for people hesitant about learning Elixir out of fear they may not be a job market out there (which unfortunately I have heard quite a few times from people :/). From the results I aggregated from HackerNews, it looks like 2019 was Elixir’s best year and it is trending upwards quite nicely!

Monthly totals of job listings containing the string “elixir” (case insensitive):

Yearly totals of job listings containing the string “elixir” (case insensitive):


Why is it that there is always a spike at the end of the year?

I wondered that myself (the seasonality of the graph). Maybe that’s when fiscal years start and headcount opens up for most places?

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Budgeting for the next year can also open up new opportunities in tech.