Elixir Jobs, LiveView, and you

When looking at the job postings on this forum, does anyone else jump straight to the company’s website then immediately “view source” and search for phx- in the source?

Since my manager is quite active on this forum, I just gotta say that this is just a fun question and having phx- show up in the source of my current employer’s website was totally the catalyst of me finding employment at my current, awesome job :heart:

PS I really want to stress that this is just a fun question. I’m well aware that that the tech behind a company’s marketing site is mutually exclusive of the tech behind their products and internal tools.


I did! run away and hide


I just started Elixir learning a few weeks ago. I could not find a good list of product build with Elixir Phoenix so I started looking at the source of random sites I visit as well.


Hey!! Our Elixir codebase is 600,880 lines… and not a single one of them renders any HTML… :joy:

Ha nothing wrong with that. I’m primarily a web developer, so I love the level of dedication when LiveView is used for marketing sites.

When I look at company website, I want to feel impressed visually and get some sense of confidence that they hired a professional design firm and have staff working on marketing and sales (and it’s not just developers who will come up with a business plan later). In that context, the design firm probably used some cheap developers to translate the designs into html and css, possibly without any programs generating that html.

Some people might want to create common components and styles that are shared between the marketing site and a SPA, if it’s a SaaS company. Then, they might go further and use their front end stack for both their SPA and marketing site. This could be a potential distraction for early startups, delaying work on product development…So, I actually would hesitate a little if I saw this, unless the company was a little older and had the capacity to pursue this after establishing revenue streams.

Assuming the company is at a level of maturity where they can divert some dev effort into their marketing site, rather than outsourcing it, I would want to see:

  • marketing site - html, CSS with generation using 11ty, or maybe even designing and implementing the site in webflow
  • SPA - elm or react with js and unit tests
  • Backend - elixir

Everybody probably has their own unique mixture of tools that they like. Those are just the mix that I happen to like.

My question was definitely just meant to be fun and a bit tongue-in-cheek (using the word catalyst was super hyperbolic). Regardless, these are super good points you raise and I should probably take that more into consideration. I’ve mostly worked for places with either very small marketing sites or where the product and site are one-in-the-same. In the case of the latter, it eventually became a question of “Why aren’t we just using Shopify?” since there was a large need to focus on internal tools and that’s eventually what we did.

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