Elixir Joken - A set of libraries for dealing with JWTs, JWKS and so on

Joken 2 was released after some RCs. It is a major version as it rewrites a lot of things but not only code-wise also documentation-wise.

Since we’ve never published a thread here about version 1.0 here, will bootstrap this section with version 2.0 :slight_smile:

Joken is a JWT (JSON Web Token) library. It helps provides signing/verifying and generating/validating tokens. It is one of the featured libraries in jwt.io (although we need to update the reference there) for the Elixir platform.

Joken 2 is an attempt to ease using the library with additional features like hooks. It also brings some optimazations to make it even snappier.

We recommend reading the extensive guides section that talks a bit about JWTs in general and not only about the library.

There is a new organization on GitHub now to group related projects to Joken like the JokenJwks hook that makes it easy to authenticate with a well-known URL of public keys.

Organization: https://github.com/joken-elixir
Joken2 guides: https://hexdocs.pm/joken/introduction.html
JokenJwks guides: https://hexdocs.pm/joken_jwks/introduction.html

Thanks specially for @bryanjos with reviews! There were some important contributions from the community too and we’d like to thank you all for contributions!