Elixir library to execute `ExUnit` tests as `common_test`

I wanted to release v0.1.0 of this library in 2023, that’s why it’s still very much WIP, although fully functional already.

There was an intent to bring common_test to Elixir by @hauleth, but it seems dead.

I needed to use :peer for some specific tests and I started by adopting it for Elixir users. Soon I figured out, I wanted common_test to be easily usable from Elixir and apparently we have everything already in place to make it as easy as use Enfiladex.

Usage: add :enfiladex dependency and put use Enfiladex.Suite after use ExUnit.Case in your tests to make them run by common_test with newly introduced task MIX_ENV=test iex --sname am -S mix enfiladex.


  • on_exit/2 callbacks with captures makes test to fail compiling with use Enfiladex (Code.with_diagnostics/2 issue),
  • Enfiladex.{peer/3, multi_peer_/3} fail from tests with an anonymous function,
  • MIX_ENV=test iex --sname am -S mix enfiladex (named node) to execute common test,
  • compiled beam files are not yet removed.

I have no issues fixing all but the first one. It’s induced by Code.with_diagnostics/2 leaving error in the compiler errors accumulator even if handled and processed when executed in compile time.

I need it to detect whether on_exit/2 might be reused as end_per_*** callbacks in common_test. If it grabs context variables, it should be discarded. I am most likely to file an issue in Elixir core, although I understand this use-case is extremely uncommon.

Everything else is kinda working, as well as exported from Enfiladex functions

  • peer(fun, callback \\ [], config \\ [])
  • multi_peer(fun, callback \\ [], config \\ [])

Both accept a function to be executed on :peer, a callback, and an optional config:

  • transfer_config :: boolean()
  • start_applications :: boolean()
  • nodes_count :: non_neg_integer()

The docs are pending. Enjoy! enfiladex v0.1.0 — Documentation

P. S. one might test it with running MIX_ENV=test iex --sname am -S mix enfiladex in enfiladex itself after git clone.


Fixed some cosmetics and introduced tasks.

❯ mix enfiladex.ex_unit

Finished in 1.1 seconds (0.00s async, 1.1s sync)
3 tests, 0 failures

Randomized with seed 362051
❯ mix enfiladex

Common Test starting (cwd is /home/aleksei/Proyectos/Elixir/enfiladex)

CWD set to: "/home/aleksei/Proyectos/Elixir/enfiladex/ct_logs/ct_run.enfiladex@ALEKSEI-ThinkPad-X1-Carbon-Gen-9.2024-01-02_11.04.47"

TEST INFO: 1 test(s), 3 case(s) in 0 suite(s)

Testing Elixir.enfiladex.Elixir.Enfiladex.Test.Suite: Starting test, 3 test cases
...Testing Elixir.enfiladex.Elixir.Enfiladex.Test.Suite: TEST COMPLETE, 3 ok, 0 failed of 3 test cases

Updating /home/aleksei/Proyectos/Elixir/enfiladex/ct_logs/index.html ... done
Updating /home/aleksei/Proyectos/Elixir/enfiladex/ct_logs/all_runs.html ... done
[{3, 0, {0, 0}}]

... in both cases are passed tests.

I am glad to introduce the first stable release, Enfiladex v0.2.0.

It has helpers to run functions on freshly spawned remote nodes via Enfiladex.peer/3 and Enfiladex.multi_peer/3 as well as spawn nodes with Enfiladex.start_peers/1 (to be stopped with Enfiladex.stop_peers/1 afterward.)

Also, it might be used as a drop-in support for both ExUnit and Erlang Common Test simultaneously (with a known limitation of freaky on_exit/2 handling when the function grabs a context, I am working on it.)

Enfiladex is tested with itself, providing both Common Test and ExUnit tests at once.

Example of using spawned node in cloister tests.

Comments, issue reports, and feature requests are very welcome.