Elixir library to read and edit Excel files (xlsx)

I want to read an excel file, insert some data, add some data validation functions to the sheet and save the Excel file. I had a look at both [1] and [2]. [1] can read files but can’t edit. [2] can edit but can’t read an existing file. I tried using both to achieve what I want but still [1] can only read the cell values but don’t read the existing formulas. Is there any library that I can use to make this work in Elixir?

Or should I start looking at python to get this done?

Any help will be very appreciated

[1] - Xlsxir — Xlsxir v1.6.4
[2] - GitHub - xou/elixlsx: An Elixir XLSX writer

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It’s been almost 15 years since I’ve messed with this but it may be worth spending some time looking at both of the repos to get a better understanding of how they work? It could lead you to coming up with a simple solution to achieve both of your goals. Just a thought.


I don’t see a link marked as [3] in your reply!

hello try excelizer 0.1.7 on Hex - Libraries.io