Elixir Logo Usage

In what ways may the Elixir logo be used? What license is it under? Creative Commons?

I appreciate any help from the community, thanks!


Has the trademark process been completed? It has been a long while since this post and wanted to see if there has been any update at all on the usage of the Elixir drop logo.



Yes, I’m interested into displaying the platform’s logo on my hosting site when my programmers are finish with the hosting deployment program for Elixir.

Unfortunately no. :confused: We started the process in Brazil first and in other countries based on the Brazilian application, but the Brazilian application is pending while it was accepted elsewhere - but they can’t be completed until the Brazilian one finishes, so now we are considering decoupling the processes, which will still take time but may be faster.

If it doesn’t sound fun, then you are right, because it isn’t. :confused:


I hope the process will be finished soon, so annoying to get stuck in bureaucracy…

As we shouldn’t use the logo yet, I wonder what would be a good way refer to elixir, eg. in an about section on a webpage for used technologies? Just a plain text link to elixir-lang.org?

Yes, a “Built with Elixir” text with a link is enough. Once the trademark process is done, we will put up a page with the rules for general use of the logo.


I’m preparing for some presentation about Elixir and would like to add Elixir logo to the them. I searched this topic, and saw that the last updated time at Nov 2019.
And go to elixir-lang repo on Github, there is a commit updated at Aug 10, 2021, which mentioned that:

“Elixir” and the Elixir logo are registered trademarks of The Elixir Team

Then might I use the Elixir logo from now on?


Click the link and it will take you to our trademark policy page: Trademarks policy - The Elixir programming language :slight_smile: