Elixir-ls module clashing

I’ve been using elixir-ls with Neovim + ALE and having a great time, except this one thing: whenever I have an alias that has the same name as the current module (though different namespaces), elixir-ls code completion will suggest functions of the current module instead of the aliased module.

Is there anyway to circumvent this without aliasing modules to a different variable?
When I run the code Elixir know I’m referring to the alias and not the current module, shouldn’t elixir-ls behave similarly?


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Hmmm, that sounds like a bug in ElixirSense which is the library that ElixirLS uses to do code analysis. Can you raise an issue at https://github.com/elixir-lsp/elixir_sense/issues ?

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Circling back on this the issue was resolved by switching to the ElixirLS Fork