Elixir Meetups In The UK

Hey guys and girls, I am a recruiter (yes one of those) and I am currently noticing a large increase in requests from my clients for Elixir/OTP/Erlang Developers. Most of which for fully remote opportunities.

I was looking to see if someone could advise me of the best meetups to attend in the UK in order to better my understanding of Elixir and also meet developers to increase my networks?

Thank you in advance


I’m also interested in this (but for Belgium). Our college uses Elixir for the Distributed Applications course and I would like to inform my students what kind of work opportunities there are.

We have a job fair at our college as well, so if a recruiter would read this and is interested, feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance.

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@ErlangSolutions do a lot in the UK and Europe - should be more info on their Code Sync site. I’m on the mobile atm, but I think the url is codesync.global :smiley:

Also see our #events-confs-meet-ups:events-list :smiley: