Elixir nvim editor plugin recommendations

I’d like to ask you all about the configuration of your elixir nvim using packer and what plugin you are using. Thank you very much!


I spent some time last year updating my nvim configuration to use Lua. It has a focus on Elixir, but there are still some annoyances I haven’t spent time to figure out. For instance, when you create a new module, the “end” doesn’t format properly, it remains indented. Little things like that.

Perhaps you can find some usefulness in the config: GitHub - asenchi/nvim: nvim config


I use LunarVim, it comes with all the bells and whistles.


Thank you for your answer, because I used to use vscode, now migrate to vim, encountered a lot of problems, but after two days of adaptation has been much better, elixir at present I only use code highlighting, because there is auto-completion and syntax checking, setting is more troublesome, currently no formal development use, your answer has provided me with a lot of help. Thank you again!

I haven’t used it, haha. But I went to look at it and he was really cool, I’ll try with it later :partying_face:

I can vouch for LunarVim, it’s extremely good. Very sensible IDE experience in the terminal with very few tweaks needed (like pre-installing LSP and syntax parsing modules for each language you’re interested in).

They have this problem that almost every update breaks your config but there has been discussion with the community and they are working hard to make it more stable. Even though I got grumpy a few times because I had to change my config.lua and/or reinstall LunarVim altogether I am still very happy with it.

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Sounds interesting I’m gonna give it a try, tho i’ve been running Doom Emacs for a year soonish. There might be some ideas i can steal to my emacs config. :laughing:

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I never once got motivation to become an “Emacs hacker” so I eventually gave up.

Currently using CentaurEmacs when coding some Golang but Emacs in general is just slow (on macOS at least). I am at the latest 29.0 release candidate and it’s still slow.

IMO Emacs is unsalvageable. I still like it a lot but NeoVim – and its kin e.g. like LunarVim and NvChad, both configs on top of NeoVim – is just much faster.

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Maybe not exactly the answer you’re looking for, but since I saw some suggestions about using LunarVim, then this suggestion may serve you.

Recently I decided to switch my whole configuration, which I’ve been carrying and developing for years, to Lua. The Lua part wasn’t a big deal, but I chose to switch on the go some of the plugins I’ve been using and, after a week dealing with broken stuff, I quit trying to start from scratch by myself and decided to use kickstart which has pretty sane plugins and defaults.

You may like it too and can be used as a starting point.

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Some of mine: